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Black Current I

1/4 Mile Details
21.41 sec


Black Current II

1/4 Mile Details
14.41 sec
87.00 mph

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Black Current III

1/4 Mile Details

8.71 sec
151 mph

Welcome to Current Racing, the home of Black Current III

Black Current III is currently the ‘worlds quickest electric car’, it covers a ¼ mile from a standing start in 8.7 seconds and reaches a terminal speed of over 150mph.

Black Current III is based on a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, the Team consists of Designer: Olly Young & Driver: Sam Young, Crew are Ben Fisher and Paul Grasby.

On these few pages you will find details of the build, plus information about Black Current 1 & 2.
There is also a list of all the events we plan to attend, links to various news paper, website articles plus a link to our page where you’ll find clips of our runs.

The car is very much a ‘working progress’ and is constantly evolving, so staytuned for more record breaking runs.